Advice, intermediation and internationalization of your company

About us?

We are a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs who, with their experiences and their client and supplier networks, aims to meet the needs of those companies whose goal is to break barriers and cross borders to bring their products, services and technologies to other continents

All this without sacrificing the integrity, confidentiality and quality of the services provided, these are the distinctive features that support the pillars of our company.

What we offer?

Acquisition of new clients

Once we know your product, we take care of finding the ideal customer profile to sell it.

Strategic plan

We develop a roadmap to follow, in order to scale the entire logistics process and distribution of your product.


We provide an agile and effective management that facilitates your international commercial relations for your greater competitiveness and profitability, in compliance with both international laws and agreements, as well as national community regulations.

Foreign trade

We incorporate a customer-focused approach, ensuring effective communication and seeking their loyalty, while we apply a service program that meets the needs of both our suppliers and our collaborators. In this area, we are recognized as a reliable, cost-effective and timely service provider.

Once we know your product
We take care of finding the ideal customer profile to sell it.

Contact us


  • Avd. Costa Blanca 132 Entlo. 1ºC 03540 Alicante
  • +34 601 212 665
    +34 653 599 398


  • Rua Santiago, 62, Sala 7 Guanabara - CEP: 86.050-170
  • + 0800 750 5590
    +55 43 999 947 007

United States

  • 1736 SW 19th St 201, Miami, FL 33145 US
  • +1 305 989 9794
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